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 I have had the opportunity of using Electrical Automation to wire asphalt plants, wash plants, concrete plants, crushing and screening plants.  Electrical Automation has given fast service with excellent workmanship on all projects I have used them.

On larger plants I have used several control vans manufactured by Electrical Automation.  Most of those with PLC controls which have proven to be very dependable, improve downtime and cut down on set up time.

The control vans were equipped with HVAC units and by using insulated trailers the electrical components keep cool and the positive pressure helps keep dust to a minimum.  Each van has been state of the art with each new model I've purchased incorporating improvements relating to the industry.

The new smart control systems and touch screens bring the next generation of controls to help operate plants and minimize downtime.  Electrical Automation and their service personnel have the experience to take care of any electrical systems I have run across, and their service trucks are well equipped.

Leon Higgins
Aggregate manager
Ames Construction


Electrical Automation Specialists are always on the cutting edge of technological advances in the electrical field, and in my opinion build the best control vans available in the aggregate business today.  From the layout of the MCC, to the lift mechanism for their custom towers these guys offer state of the art equipment, and back it up with highly qualified field technicians as well as engineering to custom design your next electrical control van.  Electrical Automation Specialists always exceeds our expectations and are always there to back up their products.  I highly recommend you to give Electrical Automation a call, and let them design and build your next electrical control van.

Brett Allen
Production Manager
Staker & Parson Company
Old Castle Materials


Over the years Electrical Automation has provided my projects with quality electricians.  They always have the parts they need and I have always been impressed with the knowledge they have for electrical controls.  I have personally experienced their electricians troubleshooting and repairing equipment that manufacturer authorized personnel had misdiagnosed, saving me several thousand dollars.  I had Electrical Automation completely rewire and automate a primary and secondary crushing plant, along with a connected wash plant with over 80 motors, all ran by PLC.  The primary crusher was feed by an overland belt with tunnel feeders located 5000 feet away and all controlled from one tower.  The difference between our electrical down time before and after the upgrade has been monumentally improved.  Add to that the increased production because of the automation and the payoff has been easily measurable.  I currently have one of their control vans that is more than 10 years old.  On occasion I have them come and reprogram the computer when I change plant configuration.  In the life of the van we have never had a computer problem.

Roger Crandall
Production Manager
Staker Parson(Binggeli Rock Products)